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A Kaldor City Exclusive-- Set in the Blake's 7 universe, "The Mark of Kane" tells the story of Travis, the disgraced soldier, and Blake, the revolutionary leader, whose fates are linked through the disturbing quest of the bounty hunter Kane. As both Blake and Travis follow their respective courses to destruction, they discover that revenge is never total, and that no one is ever quite what they seem.

Blake's 7: The Mark of Kane is a 1996 full cast audio drama written By Alan Stevens and David Tulley, with sound design by Alistair Lock.

Cast in order of appearance:

Brian Croucher (Travis), Christina Balit (Mutoid Pilot), Tracy Russell (Valisha/Blossom), Bruce McGilligan (Alien), Steven Allen (Stenner), Alistair Lock (Customer), Terry Molloy (Kane), Pete Wallbank (Royce), Alan Stevens (Morik), Peter Halliday (Barkeep), Gareth Thomas (Blake), Daniel Bowers (Tando) and Peter Miles (Lafayette).

This production has been made available as free bonus material in the Ultimate Download Megapack.

The Mark of Kane: The Complete Script by Alan Stevens with David Tulley



The Mark of Kane Novelisation part 1- War Crimes by Martin Odoni
The story of "The Mark of Kane" in novella form, based on the original script. Out beyond the edge of the Galaxy, Travis is seeking something-- but will it prove his redemption or his destruction?

The Mark of Kane Novelisation part 2- Friendly Fire by Martin Odoni
Part two of the novelisation based on the original script. In his quest for vengeance on Gauda Prime, Blake is joined by two oddly familiar figures-- but what exactly do they want from him?

Prelude by David Tulley
On a distant planet, the officer responsible for the deaths of thousands of civillians is brought to book-- but is his crime the massacre, or is it knowing too much?

Gothic by David Tulley
On the planet Goth, an unlikely allegiance is formed between two people left damaged in the wake of Travis' obsessive search for Blake....

You Fly, You Die by David Tulley and Alan Stevens
On the planet Gauda Prime, a clever smuggler running guns to her rebel lover may have finally met her match-- but not in the way she expected...

Scars by David Tulley and Alan Stevens
WARNING: Mature content and disturbing themes.
In his last days on Gauda Prime, Blake receives some visitors out of the past-- but these are people he has never met, and who carry a horrifying secret.


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