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A Kaldor City Exclusive-- Set in the Blake's 7 universe some years after the end of the television series, "The Logic of Empire" finds a post-Gauda-Prime Avon answering a cry for help from an old friend, now part of a crumbling outpost of resistance. But what is the mysterious Lydon up to, and is there a traitor in the ranks?

Blake's 7: The Logic of Empire is a 1998 full cast audio drama written By Alan Stevens and David Tulley, with sound design by Alistair Lock.

Cast in order of appearance:

Paul Darrow (Avon), Peter Tuddenham (Orac/Slave/Zen), Trevor Cooper (Kelso), Tracy Russell (Elise), Ian Reddington (Lydon), Alistair Lock (Major Brecht), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), David Tully (Section Leader), Gareth Thomas (Blake), Alan Stevens (Squad Leader #1), Bruce McGilligan (Squad Leader #2) Peter Wallbank ((Trooper), Sharon Eckman (P.A. System), Patricia Merrick (Kerrine), Jim Smith (Ric).

This production has been made available as This production has been made available as free bonus material in the Ultimate Download Megapack.

The Logic of Empire: The Complete Script by Alan Stevens and David Tulley
The full script to the 1998 audio adventure.



Avon Takes Charge
Teaser clip from "The Logic of Empire" as featured on BBC2 in 1998. Avon meets Lydon's crew-- but are they the new Blake's 7, or simply a collection of incompetents? Voiced by Paul Darrow, Trevor Cooper and Ian Reddington.

The Logic of Empire in Lego
Steven Locke's brilliant bricks-and-figurines take on the story.



A Review of "The Logic of Empire" by Joe Escobar.

A Review of "The Logic of Empire" by Sarah McEvoy.



The Logic of Empire Novelisation part 1- Fool's Gold by Martin Odoni
The story of "The Logic of Empire" in novella form, based on the original script. Avon travels to a distant, deserted planet to aid a crumbling outpost of resistance-- but is everything quite what it seems to be?

The Logic of Empire Novelisation part 2- The Way Back by Martin Odoni
All is not as it seems among Lydon's band of rebels-- but will Avon be able to spot the traitor in time?

Premature Burial by David Tulley and Alan Stevens
From the massacre at Gauda Prime, only one man walks away alive-- and only he knows the terrible price he paid in order to do so...

Victims by Alan Stevens and David Tulley
WARNING: Mature content and disturbing themes.
Never before published, and banned on its initial release by the Blake's 7 Appreciation Society. Any relationship with Avon is a dangerous idea-- and a sexual one more so than most...

Rotten to the Core by Nickey Barnard and Alan Stevens
Previously published in Zenith. When a simple raid on a research station goes disastrously wrong, no one gets out alive, unless they lead a charmed life...


Cover illustration by Pete Wallbank

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