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The Time Waster

by Alan Stevens

Directed and Produced by Alan Stevens

Sound Design by Alistair Lock


"I don't waste time. I waste criminals."

5 March, 1997. Two policemen are investigating their former colleague, Detective-Inspector Frank Archer, for corruption and bribery. But the story Archer tells in his own defense is a convoluted, mind-bending narrative of murder, revenge, time travel and thermonuclear war, which leads them to question first Archer's sanity, and then the very nature of the universe itself...

Exclusive to, The Time Waster is a twisted black comedy from the people who brought you Kaldor City and The Surgery. You'll never see time travel the same way again!

Running Time 60 minutes approx.

A Magic Bullet Production

Thanks to Paul Winter for technical advice on police procedure.


Cover design by Andy Hopkinson


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