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Aired October through December 2013

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Episode 1- Fishageddon

A gentle introduction to the everyday world of Radio Bastard, featuring randy DJs, overworked interns, and offended badger-lovers.


Episode 2- Free Will, with Every Packet of Cornflakes

And now, time for "Topical Discussions of the Day". This week: a science teacher and the Reverend Ocelot tackle the question of "God: What is He Good For?" Warning: contains St Augustine of Hippo!


Episode 3- The Air Rifles of Navarone

Are you confused? Perplexed? Caught in a maelstrom of conflicting issues? Just write in to Radio Bastard, where the ever-solicitous John McCrae will soothe your fears with a simple, practical solution to every problem. Guest starring Paul Darrow.


Episode 4- Young British Artists

Painting programmes... on the radio? The Radio Bastard team are all over it, challenging taboos, pushing boundaries, and making idiots of themselves. Includes special 6-minute-long bonus track!


Episode 5- Human Resource Extraction

Unpaid intern Zoe must face the ultimate challenge: a meeting with Liz Thornton, the forward-looking, future-interfacing senior leadership executive realising the directed vision of Radio Bastard through the pre-post recessionary financial period! 


Episode 6- Here Comes a Chopper

Priscilla Woodlouse, a helicopter and a bungee jump for charity. What could possibly go wrong? What could possibly go messily, gorily, horrifically... wrong?


Episode 7- The Abominations of Leviticus

It's Sunday, and Reverend Ocelot answers all of his listeners' questions about the Bible. Will he succeed? Starring Peter Miles.


Episode 8- The Household Appliances of Frankenstein

Meet Professor Hans Krieg, mad scientist, inventor and professional German Expressionist cliche, here to introduce Radio Bastard listeners to his original new take on the Roomba.


Episode 9- Breaking Worse

This week, on "Topical Discussions of the Day" with John McCrae: is drug dealing the glue that holds our society together? Tune in, for some surprising solutions to unemployment, delinquency and the decline of small businesses since the 2008 recession! Guest starring Paul Darrow.


Episode 10- Non-Offensive Tourettes

And now, time for "Sensible Advice", presented by John McCrae and... Zoe Thomas? Solving everyday problems and navigating troubled social situations, these two agony aunts ensure that the town will never be the same again!


Episode 11- Puchnik Braninaj

This week, John McCrae interviews international celebrity playwright Ernest Liver, author of such West End hits as "Knackers", "Kiss the Maiden Slightly" and "Lovely Snort Drink." But has his latest show, "Flop", lived up to his reputation... or to its name? Guest starring Trevor Cooper!


Episode 12- The Tower of Babel

Reverend Ocelot is called to Liz Thornton's office to account for his behaviour. When the Mistress of Managementspeak confronts the virtuoso of the Bible quotation, only one can emerge victorious! Starring Peter Miles.


Episode 13- Little Bastard Dies Screaming
Professor Krieg is back with a new invention, which will revolutionise policing in Little Bastard, ridding the streets of drug dealers, hooligans and pedestrians.


Episode 14 and 15- Redemption/Cast Away

The cataclysmic finale, in which Ocelot's crisis of faith reaches homicidal proportions. Starring Peter Miles.


Total Running Time 97 Minutes Approx

A Magic Bullet Production

Cover design by Andy Hopkinson


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