Kaldor City: a Magic Bullet Production


David Maloney

A Brief Tribute by Alan Stevens


I first met David Maloney in a pub skittle alley at Viney Hill, in the Forest of Dean. At the time, I was recording a Blake's 7 audio drama-documentary called Travis: The Final Act, and David had kindly agreed to be interviewed for it. I had got David's telephone number from Chris Boucher and had phoned him up directly, which, thinking back on it, was a bit presumptuous (particularly considering that David was quite a private man); however, upon hearing that I actually lived in the Forest of Dean, where he had his second home, he readily agreed to do an interview. Following this initial contact, I met him on and off over the next eighteen years at a number of different Blake's 7 and Doctor Who events and conventions (as well as interviewing him for publications), and he and his wife Edwina were always very friendly, and happy to talk about their association with both programmes. In 2003, when Fiona and I were writing Liberation for Telos Press, David invited us down to his house for what turned out to be a three-hour-long interview, and, afterwards, was not only quite willing to be phoned up at almost any time to answer a technical point or clarify an anecdote, but even agreed to do a forward for the book.

I last spoke to David shortly after Edwina died, and, although he put a brave face on it, he was clearly deeply grieved by his loss. Both of them had been resigned to the progression of his illness-- the last time we physically met, at the third Star One convention, he confessed that he didn't think he would be here much longer-- and, considering how close he and his wife were, few people were surprised that he did not survive her for very long. Although I was saddened to hear of David's death on the 18th of July 2006, I have to say, in conclusion, that he was a kind and generous man who led a full and creative life as one of the first directors/producers to work in television from the outset of his career behind the camera, and whom I will always remember with great fondness.


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