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Profile: Alistair Lock

Alistair Lock demonstrated a talent for the audio medium at an early age, spending most of his childhood playing with tape recorders, as well as honing his keen interest in music and theatre. Having acquired a thorough education in radio production, Alistair went on to greater things, working as producer, sound designer and actor for Audio Visuals, which came out with a number of independent Doctor Who stories after the television series went off the air. At the same time, Alistair also developed an interest in Blake's 7, working with Alan Stevens to produce the behind-the-scenes documentary "Travis: the Final Act" and two spinoff radio plays set in the Blake's 7 universe, "The Mark of Kane" and "The Logic of Empire" (Click here for more information).

More recently, Alistair has done tireless music, acting and production work for BBV's Doctor Who spinoff audio plays, notably "The Island of Lost Souls" and "Zygons: Absolution," as well as their videos, including "The Airzone Solution," "More than a Messiah" and the "Autons" series. He also did post-production work on the well-received UNIT video story, "Downtime." He has supplied theme music for a number of science-fiction conventions, including his famous remix of Madonna's "Open Your Heart" with the Doctor Who theme for Panopticon, and produced a number of plays on his own. Alistair is probably best known, however, for his astounding work on Big Finish Productions' series of officially-licensed Doctor Who audio plays, which more than one reviewer has described as "cinematic."

Alistair is a well-respected audio professional who is a very capable actor and an excellent director as well as a genius at sound design and music. He has come a long way from the days when post-production was a difficult and cumbersome task involving yards of reel-to-reel tape to the present world of sophisticated computers and compressed digital formats. His professionalism and level-headedness in the studio are well-known, as is his sterling reputation which he has built up through quiet competence alone. To have a man of Alistair's talents working on Kaldor City is a massive bonus, and it is his abilities which give Kaldor City stories their distinct ambience of sophistication and menace.

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