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Critical Praise for The True History of Faction Paradox vol. 1: Coming to Dust


"The Faction Paradox CDs have found an audience with those who like their fantasy with a dark gothic edge - and this certainly keeps up the tradition. Coming to Dust seens Gabriel Woolf reprising his role as Sutekh from 1975's Pyramids of Mars, and heading a strong cast that include Isla Blair as Sutekh's servant on Earth, Julian Glover, and Wanda Opalinska and Jane Lesley as the new Justine and Eliza. Despite jumping around in these time zones, this is exciting and easy to follow, and boasts some enjoyably rich and flamboyant characterisations, especially Corwyn Marne (Robert Lock) as the most daring of the story's three English dilettantes. It is also a good 'stepping-stone' point to newcomers, as Marne's black-magic-like ritual to summon them up comes complete with a pretty full potted history."
--Vanessa Bishop, Doctor Who Magazine

"That was really very good; kudos to all involved. The sound design was lovely -- that smashing window really made me jump."
--bthogg, Faction Paradox Message Boards

"The sound quality and effects are excellent.... And the acting very good. The story's interesting, the themes and characters are appropriately dark and the endings great - can't wait seeing what happens next. Won't spoil anything for those of you that haven’t listened to it yet, but if you haven’t heard it then I'd definitely recommend your buying yourself a copy!"
--GlynG, Outpost Gallifrey

"Great stuff, well worth the wait!"
--Mister Harry, Outpost Gallifrey

"Once again we encounter the creepy ape-like Malakh from [Miles' previous work The Adventuress of Henrietta Street], several subsequent Who novels and the short-lived Faction Paradox comic. But of even greater appeal to Who fans is the return of Gabriel Woolf to his role as Sutekh from Pyramids of Mars. Other guest stars include Julian Glover and Isla Blair, who are also no strangers to the worlds of Doctor Who. Glover played leading roles in both The Crusade and City of Death, while Blair took a smaller part in The King’s Demons. Now the tables have been turned in terms of casting, as Blair plays a major villain while Glover gets a bit part as the Osirian Upuat."
--Sci-Fi Online

"I’m very impressed by this release. Very impressed. What struck me most was the huge force of imagination at work. The whole thing plays out in widescreen. From the opening sequence on a huge battlefield to the echo filled finale. Considering it’s in a medium that relies completely on sound, it was chock full of arresting visual images, from a twisted hairless ape to a vast underground cavern. It seemed genuinely epic. The script by Lawrence Miles was earnest and flippant in almost perfect proportion. I heard bon mots of the highest order.... No lazy plot holes or clunky exposition here. Everything you need to know is cleverly buried within the dialogue and sound design. There is a gothic horror feel to the play, but with a thoroughly modern sensibility. Like the bastard child of Mervyn Peake and Joss Whedon. Yes, it’s that good. I also particularly enjoyed Jane Lesley as Cousin Eliza. She was my foothold in the Faction Paradox universe. She was the one with the tension-breaking quip... Her performance was brilliantly contrasted by Wanda Opalinska’s cut-glass delivery as Cousin Justine."
--David Yates, Celestial Toyroom


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