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Critical Praise for Kaldor City: Checkmate


"Just when I thought things couldn't get any tenser, Checkmate takes the series to a whole new level. I didn't see the big revelation coming... so it came as quite a shock when I realised what was happening! As usual, the performances of the cast were excellent and with outstanding writing and brilliant production values, Checkmate keeps up Kaldor City's tradition of improving significantly upon each previous release. Of course, the intriguing and mysterious ending prompts the big question of when we can expect news of the next instalment!"
-Simon Catlow

"If you're already familiar with the Kaldor City audio series, then you'll have noticed its circular structure... The intricate plots and power struggles of the first four CDs feed off one another, apparently without a discernible centre... The plot threads tighten over the course of the series until they begin to resemble a noose for the characters and their society... Checkmate both suggests and denies the possibility of further instalments. It actually pulls off the difficult trick of being both a new beginning and an ominously final ending for anyone who isn't a robot. The story concludes with the secret centre of the plot revealed - and the centre is death."
-Daniel O'Mahony, Celestial Toyroom

"Heard Checkmate six times now. It's oppressively brilliantly produced by Alistair Lock; a subtle atmosphere of dread pervades every auditory aspect making it deeply unsettling to listen to. Russell Hunter is at his very best ever in his big long speech at the end, and Peter Miles is superb throughout. Nice to hear Nick Courtney as Goldstein!!!"
-V. B. Perkins

"Checkmate is fantastic. I had high expectations after #4, and #5 actually managed to surpass it. The previous cliffhanger was satisfyingly resolved, and the political campaigning and backstabbing continued thick and fast. The new plot elements were cleverly tied in to the first audio, Occam's Razor. The resolution of one apocalypse became another, even greater apocalypse quite unexpectedly. The emotional scene between Iago and Justina could have been extremely trite, but was deftly handled, and the story ended very well. It will be very interesting to see where the series goes from here."
-Andrew McLean

"I've listened to Checkmate and like it very much. One observation is that I didn't see the big revelation coming, except in retrospect... in the end, though, it makes sense, thanks to the subtle clues in earlier episodes. All in all, a strong story, well made and very enjoyable."
-Patrick Chapman

"Checkmate is a multifaceted story which draws together all the threads in the earlier narratives with balletic precision, culminating in a totally unexpected climax... The emotional impact of this story is particularly strong. Yes, the humour is still there, but the more dramatic, serious scenes are very powerful... the horror element is beautifully put across too - just enough has been done in the way of special effects to suggest something really terrifying... You will not forget this CD in a hurry, I promise you that."
-Sarah McEvoy, Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 Website

"Checkmate, as hoped for, was a corker. The big revelation was a surprise but, well and truly telegraphed in advance. I'm not sure, from the ending, if (as some have speculated) this is the last Kaldor City. I hope not..."
-Greg Miller

"Received Kaldor City: Checkmate. I listen to these stories over and over almost every night. I've always loved Dr. Who and Blake's 7 and the continuation of any story-lines (not to mention the fantastic ones here!!!) keeps me continually interested! Keep up the good work and thanks again from a big fan."
-David Gevanthor

"I didn't see that curveball coming in Checkmate, I was genuinely taken aback by the revelation! A bravura performance from Russell Hunter, I think, I've really liked his character throughout - combination of good writing and great acting. A fitting testament to his skill, I feel."
-Martin Dempsey

"I feel I have to congratulate everybody involved in Checkmate and all the Kaldor City stories to date. I have found them to be engaging, funny, sad, sarcastic, shocking, everything I would want out of an audio. The acting (Especially the wonderful Paul Darrow and Brian Croucher) is superb and the storylines absolutely brilliant."
-Alan Kenney

--Vanessa Bishop, Doctor Who Magazine


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