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by Sarah McEvoy



This is a short, neatly wrought scene, with the elements of dark humour and surprise that "Kaldor City" fans have come to expect.  However, there are two versions, differing only in the final line; this makes it quite difficult to review, as the two last lines lead to two very different twists.

Both versions are definitely enhanced by a prior knowledge of Blake's 7, although it is possible to enjoy either, especially version 1, without this.  Version 1 is self-contained, whereas version 2 is the one that ties in with "The Time Waster" and "Radio Bastard".  In either case, if you've ever wondered what Kaston Iago was doing before he got to Kaldor City, here he is, going through the essentials of his CV (or so he tell us) in his own inimitable style!

Kudos, as usual, for clever writing, excellent acting, and the obligatory perspective shifts.

The Time Waster

Do not, whatever you do, listen to this if you are exhausted, ill, under the influence, or if you just haven't had enough coffee yet.  You will need your brain in full working order.  This dizzyingly clever time travel story is a thoroughly enjoyable mental workout, delivered with deadpan style and a side salad of disturbing implications.  You may also be tempted to want a copy of the script, a calendar, a set of coloured markers and some counters.  Confused?  Oh, you will be.  But I can pretty much guarantee you'll enjoy the process.

Radio Bastard

This is quite wonderfully deceptive.  It starts out as just a comically silly parody of a local radio station, slips in some serious points here and there while you're not looking, and then achieves the unusual trick of sticking one foot into a different genre altogether and expertly straddling both of them.  There are a lot of sound effects in this one, all perfectly judged, and the acting lives up to the high standard we have come to expect from the "Kaldor City" team.  It is difficult to know exactly how to classify this piece, except that if you start out thinking it's like anything you've previously heard, you're probably wrong.

There is a link between "Metafiction", "The Time Waster" and "Radio Bastard", although they all have different settings and themes.  Revealing what that link is would be too much of a spoiler, so the listener will have to find it on their own.  Because of this link, it is probably best to listen to all three pieces in fairly quick succession.  The parts are enjoyable in their own right, but there is a whole greater than the sum of the parts - metametafiction?

Sarah McEvoy is a writer and translator living in the north of England.  They have published a SF novel, "Journey to Xanadu", along with some short stories, poems and non-fiction articles.

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