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Travis: the Final Act cover


written and compiled by Alan Stevens

Travis: The Final Act by Alan Stevens
The complete transcript of the innovative and surreal audio documentary which provided the background for The Mark of Kane, and ultimately led to the creation of Kaldor City. Through interviews with Chris Boucher, Brian Croucher, David Maloney and Stephen Greif, Alan Stevens, ably assisted by Alistair Lock and Peter Miles, explores the life and background of Travis, the tortured villain of Blake's 7.


Travis: an Analysis by Dianna Firmin and Fiona Moore
Two back-to-back articles which discuss, dissect and illuminate the character of Blake's 7's first recurring villain. Travis: The Empty Room discusses Travis' relationship with the Service; The Fascination of the Abomination examines what his relationship with his mutoid crew reveals about his personality.


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