Faction paradox: a Magic Bullet Production

The True History of Faction Paradox:
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What relation is the new Magic Bullet Faction Paradox CD series to the old BBV CD series?

A. The Magic Bullet CDs follow chronologically on from the events of the BBV CDs, and include some of the same characters, but have been written so that newcomers won't have to know the backstory before they pick up the series. Essentially, this is a series which you can enjoy whether you're coming to it for the first time, or whether you're a long-time Faction follower.

Q. Why is there a different cast and production team to the BBV series?

A. When we had the opportunity to take on the Faction Paradox audios, we had to think long and hard about how to approach it. Should we try and be as close as possible to the extant CDs-which would, essentially, mean doing pastiches of the BBV style--or should we take the opportunity to start with a clean slate, and do the new audios in a way that plays to our own strengths and stylistic abilities? In the end, we decided that the Faction Paradox universe is big enough to include any number of approaches to the series. We tend to regard the new Faction Paradox series as being like the new Doctor Who series--connected to the old one, indubitably, but not so much that the team are constrained by past approaches.

Q. What about the cover artists?

A. Steve Johnson was approached to do the covers, but unfortunately personal commitments meant that he couldn't take the project on. So we turned to Andy Hopkinson, who is an experienced artist and designer who we'd worked with before on the Kaldor City audios and Zenith, and to Andrew Orton, well-known for his work on Outpost Gallifrey and Big Finish Doctor Who audios, to develop an Egyptianate theme to reflect the content of the new CDs.

Q. Who's writing the series, and could I write for it?

A. The True History of Faction Paradox is written entirely by Lawrence Miles. Which means a) independent submissions are out (sorry), and b) all questions regarding upcoming scripts should be addressed to him.

Q. Where can I get more information about Faction Paradox?

A. The best place to try is www.factionparadox.co.uk, which is a repository of information about the history, geography and sociology of the FP universe.

Q. Where can I buy more Faction Paradox stuff?

A. The current FP books and comics are available from Mad Norwegian Press, www.madnorwegian.com and from Random Static, www.randomstatic.net. The BBV audios and BBC/Virgin Doctor Who novels which feature Faction Paradox (or aspects of it) are currently out of print, but can be found in various places--try the shops listed on our Orders Page, or, failing that, Ebay.

Q. What's the status of Kaldor City right now?

A. Kaldor City was written as a six-part series; however, we've always maintained that if somebody could come up with a way of continuing the series which does add to it and brings something new to the story, we'd go with it. Since the release of Storm Mine there have been four attempts to develop a new Kaldor City story by established Doctor Who and/or spinoff writers, none of which managed to progress beyond the draft stage. So, to sum up, if there's an interesting enough idea out there, the series will continue, but at the moment we're waiting for that idea to come along.

Q. Is this all the questions you've been asked?

A. Well, this is all we're answering at present. If/when we update, we'll announce it on the News Page.

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