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The Black Archive #43: The Robots of Death cover


The Black Archive #43: The Robots of Death
By Fiona Moore
Obverse Books 2020
RRP £3.99-£899

Released 4 May 2020

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‘That's impossible. Robots can't kill.’

A literate science-fiction mystery set in an elegant, multicultural future society, The Robots of Death (1977) represents a synthesis of a witty script, beautiful design and clever, sympathetic casting. This Black Archive examines these elements contributing to the story's alchemical brilliance, alongside the themes of artificial intelligence, class and power in the works of scriptwriter Chris Boucher, and the titular robots' legacy, including their reinterpretation in audio and stage plays.

Critical Acclaim:

"Though very few points in the series' history are as highly regarded as The Robots of Death, Fiona Moore's newly released Black Archive volume about the story - the 43rd in the series - nonetheless offers a fresh and compelling analysis."

-Don Klees, We Are Cult

"Fiona Moore loves The Robots of Death as much as we do, unravelling the various threads that combine to create a pretty much perfect story. And as much as you might think you know there's nothing new to say here, you might just be surprised. 9/10"

- Nick Joy, Sci-Fi Bulletin


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