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Interview with David Graham (MP3 File) (Content Warning)
A never-before-released version of the interview with David Graham, from the extras for Magic Bullet Productions' tie-in Dalek CD for Vworp Vworp! Issue 3, The Mechanical Planet. Audio only (click to listen in your browser, or right-click and save to listen with the programme of your choice) and beware the foul-mouthed Mechanoid!

1994 Interview with Mervyn Haisman
A previously unpublished interview with the co-creator of Doctor Who's Yeti and Quarks, about knocking over sets, roughing it in Wales, and the real value of TV writing.

1989 Interview with Paul Bernard
A previously unpublished interview with the former Doctor Who and The Tomorrow People director, about Daleks, light entertainment, and Roger Price's big ideas.

1993 Interview with Nabil Shaban
In an interview for Skaro, Alan Stevens shares a few marshminnows with the noted Doctor Who villain  and disabled rights campaigner.

The Brig Remembered
Alan Stevens' first interview with Nicholas Courtney, before "Battlefield," Kaldor City  or The Sarah Jane Adventures.

1991 Interview with Peter Tuddenham
Conducted by Alan Stevens and Alistair Lock, this interview with the late actor and voice artist previously appeared in Skaro Issue 4.

Interview with Alwyn W. Turner
Alan Stevens interviews the author behind The Man Who invented the Daleks, the new, critically acclaimed biography of Terry Nation.

Interview with Donald Tosh
Former Doctor Who story editor Donald Tosh speaks candidly to Alan Stevens about shaping history, losing companions and dark political manoeuvrings, both behind as well as in front of the camera. 

1991 Interview with Wendy Padbury
Conducted by Alan Stevens and Alistair Lock, this is an extended version of an interview which previously appeared in TV Zone Special #3.

1991 Interview with Jacqueline Pearce
Conducted by Alan Stevens and Alistair Lock, this is an extended version of an interview which previously appeared in TV Zone #21.

1992 Interview with Chris Boucher
Conducted by Alan Stevens and Anthony Brown, this is the full, uncut version of an interview that previously appeared in issues 107, 108 and 109 of DWB, where Chris Boucher discusses his work on Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and Star Cops.

Jenna Stannis: The Teleport Queen
In an interview originally for publication in Scorpio Attack!, Alan Stevens talks to Sally Knyvette about Blake's 7, intensive farming, blowing up parliament and her favourite chalk pit.

Gods and Monsters: Interview with Edward de Souza
Edward de Souza, star of Sapphire and Steel, Doctor Who and Coronation Street, talks to Fiona Moore about drawing Christopher Lee's fangs, being Northern and what links his career to a little hill station up the Irrawaddy River....

Interview with Julian Glover
Julian Glover, one of Britain's most prolific stage and screen actors, talks about his career in horror, fantasy and Faction Paradox with Fiona Moore.

Interview with Chris Tranchell
Chris Tranchell talks to Alan Stevens about Survivors, making the transition to Play School, and appearing with everything from villainous vegetables in Doctor Who to Egyptian gods in Faction Paradox.

War Against the Almighty: Interview with Gabriel Woolf
Fiona Moore talks to Gabriel Woolf about Satan, Sutekh, Faction Paradox and a man with a dog on his head.

Fangs for the Memory: Interview with Isla Blair
Isla Blair talks to Fiona Moore about Beatles, chimps, Faction Paradox and why vampires have more fun.

Interview with Chris Boucher
No-holds-barred words about Doctor Who, religion, class and politics from the man who first created the universe of Kaldor City.

Silver Jubilee
In a 2003 interview, Alan Stevens talks with David Collings about cities of gold, robot wars and playing undead.

John Leeson Interview
Fiona Moore talks with John Leeson about crosswords, wearing a chandelier, and playing the Chief Mover on a Storm Mine.

Philip Madoc Interview
Fiona Moore talks with Philip Madoc about the inherent villainy of spectacles, turning up for the wrong part, playing the Commander in Kaldor City: Storm Mine, and how to get a head on Karn.

A Philosophical Killer: Paul Darrow Interview
Fiona Moore talks with Paul Darrow about his views on Kaston Iago, and his take on the events of "Storm Mine" (contains a spoiler).

Daniel O'Mahony Interview
J. Bruce McGilligan talks with Daniel O'Mahony, Doctor Who, Bernice Summerfield and Kaldor City author and creator of the characters of Honore Lechasseur and Emily for Telos' Time Hunter spinoff series, about the genesis and development of "Storm Mine", making the transition from print to audio, and why he's taking up hypnotism.

Ultra Vocs
Gregory de Polnay tells Fiona Moore the inside story about what it's like to wear a robot mask, to wake up to find yourself more famous than Peggy Ashcroft, and to revisit "The Robots of Death" twenty-seven years later (contains a mild spoiler in that we reveal the name of the character he plays in "Storm Mine").

Man of Steel
Peter Miles talks to Alan Stevens about strangling Nicholas Courtney, coshing Tom Baker, and getting away with murder in Kaldor City.

Rough Justice
Trevor Cooper gives Alan Stevens the inside story on Star Cops, Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks and a glimpse into the mind of Security Chief Operations Supervisor Stenton Rull.

J'adore Kaldor!
Russell Hunter talks to Alan Stevens about Tom Baker, facial hair and the Lonely-ness of the long distance runner.

The Man Behind the Mask
From Storm Mines to Battlewagons, David Bailie talks to Alan Stevens about Blake's 7, beautiful women and the return of Taren Capel.

Carnell Knowledge
Alan Stevens gets Scott Fredericks to dish the dirt on Jon Pertwee, George Spenton-Foster, Jacqueline Pearce, working on Kaldor City, and his... very enthusiastic female fan following.

Sex, Pliers and Videotape
Alan Stevens talks to Paul Darrow and Brian Croucher about John Nathan-Turner, the Blake's 7 movie, science fiction, soap operas... and the perils of pliers. With instructive illustrations.

Andy Hopkinson: A Eulogy
Alan Stevens pays tribute to the graphic designer and special effects legend who gave Kaldor City its iconic appearance.

A Tribute to Chris Boucher
Alan Stevens recalls the modest and ascerbic man behind so many of the things that made Kaldor City what it is.

Avon Won't Be Calling Any More: A Tribute to Paul Darrow
Ann Worrall on Paul Darrow's life, work, and heartfelt relationship with his many fans.

A Farewell to Jacqueline Pearce
Alan Stevens remembers his long acquaintance with Jacqueline Pearce, and her relationship with the character she made famous.

Scott Fredericks: A Remembrance
Fiona Moore looks back on her friendship with the man who was Carnell.

Peter Miles Remembered
Alan Stevens provides a heartfelt tribute to a friend and collaborator of many years' standing.

Philip Madoc Remembered
Fiona Moore provides a few memories of a talented and versatile actor, linguist and voice artist.

Peter Halliday-- A Tribute
A farewell to a great actor who was a mainstay of Magic Bullet from the very beginning.

Remembering Nick Courtney
Alan Stevens' memories of the man who was the Brigadier as well as appearing as a very different character in Kaldor City.

A Tribute to Peter Tuddenham
A tribute to a well-known actor who frequently took time, over the course of a glittering career, to help out smaller productions.

A Tribute to David Maloney
A short reminiscence about the director/producer, who has given much support to Magic Bullet over the years.

Russell Hunter Remembered
A brief tribute to the man who was Uvanov.

Paul Darrow by Fiona Moore with Maureen Marrs
A profile of one of Kaldor City's leading actors, a man whose interests and achievements are as diverse as his acting career.

Alistair Lock by Fiona Moore and Alan Stevens
A profile of Alistair Lock, the auditory genius behind the distinctive soundof Magic Bullet-- and a man with many other successful projects on the go...


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